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for your boating holiday in Friesland

Rent a boat with low clearance height
From the heart of Friesland, Yachtcharter Sneek rents traditional well-equipped cabin cruisers with their unique low vertical clearance. You can sail throughout the whole of Friesland and enjoy your well-earned holiday to the most.

Boating holiday without a licence
Sailing on our ships does not require any navigation licence. If you have no experience sailing a ship then you can book a private sailing course from a professional instructor to acquire experience. Naturally, technical instructions are standard before departure.

Our ships allow you to enjoy the Frisian waters, villages and towns, and we also rent ships from the cosy city of Ghent in Belgium.

Yacht charter Sneek means quality, experience and customer-friendliness. We hope to be able to greet you on one of our ships this year.


The team at Yachtcharter Sneek.

Why Yachtcharter Sneek?

The particular advantage of our boats in the cruising area is the particularly low vertical clearance With a height of 2.40 meters boat you open up a huge sailing area in Friesland.

So you have approximately 600 km waterway in front of the bow … Fewer delays at bridges, among many bridges you pass through easily … Side effect: your vacation is cheaper (less bridge money)

Even in high season, you can use their motor yacht, houseboat launched its ports where you can relax a berth for the night … Experience away from the busy waterways and large lakes of Friesland, the peace and quiet in nature and small picturesque villages.

Low boats have less wind sensitive, easier to maneuver and therefore suitable for beginners with boating …



Holiday on the waterways in Friesland …




  • Tivano/ Mistral

    Tivano and Mistal Simmerskip 1200 AK The largest Simmerskip, at 12 metres length, is a very spacious…
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