• What is the procedure when we pick up the boat?
    Two weeks before departure we will send you the latest travel details. These will include a form with which you can book any extras but also your expected time of arrival.

Your boat is available from the time mentioned in your contract. Upon arrival at Yachtcharter Sneek please go to reception. Here you will receive the last instructions about the procedure for setting sail, complete the necessary administration and you are then taken to your ship. You will have time to take your luggage on board and put your things in order. Once all your effects are on board you are requested to indicate this at reception, so that we know you are ready for the technical instruction.  If you have booked a sailing course the skipper will come on board at the time indicated by you.

After the aforementioned actions, your sailing holiday is ready to start.

Can we bring a dog on board?
You may bring one dog on board. The rule here is that you are allowed to bring one dog for a small fee due to the extra cleaning activities. If you want to bring your dog we kindly ask you to notify us beforehand, so we can take this into account. Bringing your dog costs €30.- per sailing holiday.

Am I allowed to sail on the IJsselmeer or the Waddenzee?
Basically the answer to this question is; no, you are not allowed to sail on the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee in our ships.

We have, however, added a new Amsterdam route as of 2014, where you do pass the IJsselmeer. We have strict requirements for being allowed to sail this route; you must have rented a ship from us at least once before and there are only a few ships eligible for this route. If you are interested in sailing the Amsterdam route please get in touch with us about the requirements and the possibilities.

Can we bring bicycles on board?
You can bring bicycles on board. Standard bicycles, however, do take up a lot of space on board. You can also rent small folding bikes from us, which take up less space. This is important so that you have enough space to moor the ship.

We have no experience, can we still rent a boat?
Even without experience, it is possible to rent a boat from us. In addition to the technical instruction we highly recommend booking an additional sailing course with us. We have a collaboration with Vaarschool Noord Nederland and offer different options for following a sailing course. A typical sailing course starts at 2 or 4 hours. There will be a skipper on board of your rental ship to go sailing with you. The instructions you will receive include things to watch out for when you go sailing, rules and regulations and you will practice mooring and manoeuvring.

Apart from the rental fee, are there other costs to be taken into account?
We charge a one-off cleaning fee, the amount is determined by the length of the rented ship.

In addition, the ship is also filled up again upon return, we will also charge your diesel consumption.
Next to our charges you must also take into account bridge and lock fees, depending on where you spend the night.

We charge a deposit of € 500.00

Which routes can I sail?
Your sailing holiday starts when you rent a boat but plotting a course is part of the fun that we would love contributing to. On our website you will find different sailing routes, including the duration of these routes and suggestions for overnight stays. Naturally you are free to plot your own course, provided you stay on the inland waterways. You must take into account clearance heights, depths and the width of your rental ship. Should you have any wishes with regard to your route that are not in our suggested routes then we will be delighted to help you.
The exact specifications and details of our route suggestions can be found on board.

What is provided on board?
On our website you will find a general inventory and the ship’s equipment. The list will give you an indication of what you can expect on board, there may be minor differences per boat. The amounts are not mentioned in the general list because they differ per boat.

The following applies to the cups, glasses and plates: the maximum number of persons on the ship plus two, so:  if you have rented a ship which sleeps four persons then there will be 6 cups and 6 plates present.

I would like to order extras, how do I do that?
You can do this in several ways;

  1. Immediately when you book the ship
  2. If you have already rented a boat and you would like to book extras then you notify us by email or telephone
  3. Two weeks before setting sail we will send you the latest travel details. On this form you can indicate your desired extras.

Can I plug in electrical appliances on board?
Yes you can, all our ships have a converter on board for 220 Volts.

Is it possible to sail with children?
Sailing with children is highly recommended. You spend a lot of time outdoors and many of our ships offer a lot of space to relax on the deck. In fine weather the children can enjoy swimming. A sailing holiday offers a lot of variety which is fun for children. We also have two ships (Simmerskip 950 AK Dolores/Twirre) with a cot on board for the smallest skippers. You will get lifejackets for your children at reception.

In which period can I rent a boat?
The sailing season on our planner runs from March until the beginning of November. In the early or late season you can rent for a weekend, midweek or week. During high season, we generally only rent for whole weeks. If you want to rent for an alternative period or outside of the summer months, please contact us for the possibilities without any obligation.

Is there a parking space for my car?
There is parking space around our premises. Though this car park is private please note that parking is at your own risk.

I want to board in the morning. Can I stay somewhere in the neighbourhood the night before?
Yes you can, there are plenty of places to spend the night in the vicinity of Sneek. If possible (provided it matches with our planning) you can book a night on board before you sail for a small fee. This can be booked in deliberation.

I cannot walk very well, is sailing suitable for me?
You too can book a sailing holiday with us. If there are several other people on board that can help you moor, there is no problem. We even have some boats, like the Simmerskip 1200 OK (Triena) which are very suitable for people who cannot walk very well.

I do not have a sailing permit. Can I rent a boat?
You are allowed to sail on ships up to 15 metres without a sailing permit. This means that we do not require a sailing permit.

What are the sanitary facilities like on board?
Every ship has at least 1 toilet and 1 shower. Some ships have more. The Simmerskip 1200 cruise (Breva) and the Simmerskip 1200 cruise-hybrid (Simmer Twirre) even have 3 complete bathrooms.

What time can we board?
The starting time is listed on your contract. This is the time that your ship is ready for you. If you are renting a ship for a week, you can board at 10.00. In case of a prior overnight stay or when you rent for the weekend, boarding time is generally at 19.00.

Are there any lifejackets on board?
Lifejackets can be collected from the office of Yachtcharter Sneek free of charge, you will receive them in your size. The children’s lifejackets are compulsory.