On holiday with the Houseboat

With the HouseBoat on holiday

That unique ‘Houseboat feeling’

The Netherlands is very special from the water. The peace, space and nature give the ultimate holiday feeling. On board the Houseboat you experience maximum comfort and have a strong connection with the world around you.

The high windows in the living area and the master bedroom offer a wide view. You even have your own terrace at the water. We can moor the Houseboat on the most beautiful spots on the water. For example, you could stay at one of the beautiful Marrekrite places, which abound in Friesland. This will ensure a unique experience that cannot be compared to any recreational park or yacht harbour

Imagine,’Unforgettable summer nights under a starry sky that you rarely see. The doors of the master bedroom are open and the sounds of nature pour in. An early dive almost seems obvious’

What is a Houseboat exactly?

A Houseboat is a relatively new type of boat. The best way to describe it is a sailing holiday home. The space on board cannot be compared to a traditional yacht and rather comes close to a living boat.

In the Houseboat you stay on the water and have a much larger view around you than on a yacht. Also, for people who like to stay on or close to the water, but who do not want to sail themselves, the Houseboat is an interesting solution. We moor the Houseboat at a location of choice and can also arrange a relocation

Sailing with the Houseboat

The Houseboat was developed by the Yacht Charter Sneek team. It is a real boat where the form of the hull aims at good sailing characteristics. It has a bow thruster as well as a stern thruster, which makes the boat easy to manoeuvre.

The boat turns on its axle. A steering position was placed on the sun deck for a good surrounding view. This helps, for with a little steering experience the Houseboat can be steered by you yourself. Should this experience be missing, we offer a drop-off and pickup service as well as a possible relocation during your holiday.

Lots of pleasure for everyone

For young and old. The Houseboat offers everything for maximum water sport pleasure.

Think of renting a sloop for nice day tips. Or two sup boards to make sporty trips together. A canoe or a small sailboat can easily be taken along. Or, the Zodiac for the children. And don’t forget the fishing rods, for on your own balcony you can relax and enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

Optional to rent extraen

Ask our team about the possibilities.


Imagine, ‘do we take the dinghy to eat at that little restaurant on the shore, or do we cook ourselves and eat on our own terrace at the water?’

Dutch building quality

The Houseboat was designed by a Dutch yacht designer, Jan Visser, and was built by the Dutch yard SRF Shipbuilding.

The team of Yacht Charter Sneek used all available experience to maximise holiday pleasure. Comfort in the early spring and the late autumn is very high due to the floor heating with thermostat. Combined with the good isolation the internal climate is constant. Thanks to all this expertise the Houseboat is an excellent sailing ship with all comforts of a holiday home. It is a Dutch quality product of which we are proud.

The most beautiful destinations within reach

Yacht Charter Sneek has developed two special sailing routes for the Houseboat. These take you along magnificent locations on the waterside that are a cut above holiday parks.

Along the route you pass the most beautiful Friesian towns and cities. Advice is given about special mooring locations and tourist attractions or activities. Would you rather relax somewhere at a permanent location with your houseboat? That, of course, is also possible. We would like to help you come up with the most desirable destinations

Imagine,’The friendliness on the water and the friendly hospitality of the Frisians give you the real holiday feeling. Get away from the daily hustle and bustle. Really have time for each other with friends or family’


You will receive the latest travel information from us two weeks before departure. You will receive a form where you can indicate any additional options to be booked, but also your expected arrival time.
Your boat is available from the time stated on your contract. When you arrive at Yachtcharter Sneek you can report to our reception. Here you will receive any final explanation of the sailing procedure, the necessary administration will be updated and then you will be taken to your ship. You will have time to bring your luggage on board and put any belongings in their place. If you have everything on board, you are requested to indicate this at the reception, so that we know that you are ready for the technical explanation. If you have booked a boating course, the skipper will come on board at the time specified by you.

After the above actions, your boating holiday can really begin.

You are allowed to sail without a license on ships up to 15 meters. With us you can rent a boat without a license, you do not legally need this. If you have no experience, we recommend that you book a boating course.

Even without experience you can rent a boat from us. In addition to the standard technical explanation, we strongly recommend to book a boating course. We work together with Vaarschool Noord Nederland and offer various options for taking a boating course. You can book a boating course from 2 or 4 hours. A skipper will come on board with you on the ship you rented and will sail with you. You will receive an explanation about what to pay attention to when you go sailing, regulations and practice with mooring and maneuvering.

Sailing with children is highly recommended. You spend a lot of time outside and many of our ships offer plenty of space to stay on deck. In good weather, children can swim. A boating holiday offers a lot of variety, which is great fun for children. We also have two ships (Simmerskip 950 AK Dolores/Twirre) with a cot on board for the smallest skippers. You will receive life jackets for your children at the reception.

We charge a one-off cleaning fee, the amount depends on the length of the ship you rented. In addition, the ship will be refueled again on return, we also charge the diesel consumption.
In addition to the costs that you pay with us, you must also take into account the payment of any bridge and lock and mooring fees, depending on where you are going to stay overnight.

We require a deposit of € 500.00

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