Sailing in Friesland

Hausboot fahren in FrieslandSailing in Friesland

Friesland is a province full of water and it is known mainly for its magnificent water sports facilities. On the water you can enjoy the calm, space and beautiful nature and vary this with a visit to the cosy villages and towns that the North of the Netherlands has to offer you. Thanks to the low vertical clearance of our ships you can sail almost anywhere in Friesland.

Yachtcharter Sneek is located almost immediately on lake Sneekermeer and its central location makes it the perfect departure harbour for your sailing holiday. A sailing holiday on board one of our ships does not require any experience, Friesland offers beautiful sailing routes for the beginning skipper. Under the Routes header you will find an indication of possible routes that can be sailed with our ships. From Sneek you can sail in the direction of the provinces of Drenthe/ Overijssel towards Groningen, but a Northern trip in Friesland is also highly recommended. Experience Friesland from the water, we guarantee a holiday you will never forget.

For more information about Friesland and about a sailing holiday in Friesland, you can take a look at . At these website you find more information about the typically frisian culture, events and watersports.

Bridge money

Although our boats have a very low vertical clearance, it is possible that you will come across a bridge which needs to be opened. In those situations you need to pay the “bridge watcher”. The price varies from 0,80 till 6,50 euro (depending the amount of bridges at one time). The bridge watcher usually collects the money with a wooden shoe connected to a long pole. Advise: Make sure you have some pocket money with you since the bridges do not change any money.

Harbours in Friesland

In the villages and along the waterside you will find many harbours where you can moor your boat. These are being explored municipal or by private owners. Most harbours have excellent showers, wash and toilet facilities. These services are not for free. Usually you have to pay per “boat meter”. The price is between 0,70 and 1,10 euro per meter. In most villages you will need to pay tourist tax as well. This is about 0,40 and 0,50 euro per person. A nice alternative are the Marrekrite landing-stages in the nature. The Marrekritte has 250 landing-stages in the nature where you can spent the night for free.

Sailing in Holland without a licence

You can sail on our boats without any licence. You don’t need a licence in Holland when your boat is shorter then 15 meters and as long as you don’t sail faster than 20 km per hour. Upon your arrival we will give you a instruction about the techniques. If you have no or little experience we advise to order a course of our special skippertraining, our instructors teach you how to sail and manoeuvre a motoryacht.