Amsterdam Route

YCS-A-routeThe Amsterdam route is a new route for the experienced skipper. Through the beautiful towns of Lemmer and Urk you will arrive in Amsterdam. Mooring here for the day will enable you to visit the beautiful museums, go shopping or just enjoy everything else that Amsterdam has to offer. After 2 days of Amsterdam you sail through the fishing town of Spakenburg to Elburg. From Elburg you will enter the polder towards Vollenhove where the magnificent Weerribben and its nature are ahead of you. After an overnight stay in Ossenzijl you return to Friesland and through the water- sports village of Langweer you end up back in Sneek.
For a 2-week holiday there are extra overnight stays possible in Lelystad, Harderwijk and Joure.

For this route you must have booked with us at least once before.
The route is only accessible for a number of boats in our fleet.

Overnight stays:
1. Lemmer • 2. Urk • 3. Amsterdam • 4. Amsterdam • 5. Spakenburg • 6. Elburg • 7. Vollenhove • 8. Ossenzijl • 9. Langweer • 10. Sneek