Northeast route

YCS-NO-routeThe Northeast route leads you through two protected nature reserves;
“Princenhof” and the “Lauwersland”, with its mighty lake Lauwersmeer. The route is varied, like the entire area. You only need to sail two small stretches on the Prinses Margriet canal and the Starkenborg canal (a lot of commercial shipping). The largest part consists of small, narrow rivers and canals. The special thing about this route is that there is not a lot of traffic, because the largest part of the route cannot be sailed by ships with a vertical clearance higher than 2.40 m. This route is less suitable for beginners, because there is a great deal of commercial shipping on the large canal (small part of the route).
In addition, the route has many narrow waters and locks. If you want to sail the Northeast route, some experience will work to your advantage.

Overnight stays:
1. Princenhof/Eernewoude • 2. Kollum • 3. Winsum • 4. Zoutkamp • 5. Dokkum • 6. Leeuwarden