Northern ‘Elfstedenroute’

YCS-11-routeIn 2013 a long-held wish came true. The northern part of the Eleven Cities route was made accessible for boats up to 2.40 metres. From Sneek you will sail to Bolsward for your first overnight stay. From here you will set sail for the beautiful port town of Harlingen and then go on to the lovely historical town of Franeker with its planetarium. Then comes the new part along the new bridge at Bartlehiem to Dokkum. After a visit to Dokkum you will sail on to the finish on the Bonkefeart, where you can stay the night in the centre of Leeuwarden and from here make your way back to Sneek. A beautiful new route with great variety in towns and nature. This route is very suitable for beginning sailors.

Overnight stays:
1. Bolsward • 2. Harlingen • 3. Franeker • 4. Dokkum • 5. Leeuwarden • 6. Sneek