Noa Delano | Simmerskip | 10,5 m | 4 pers

Property Overview

  • Type4 pers
  • Sold No


Noa Delano
Simmerskip 1050 AK cruise XL

A Simmerskip 1050 in cruise XL design. This motorboat offers ample space and privacy for four persons, this version was built 25 cm wider.

In the fore you will find a bedroom with a double bed, an en-suite shower/toilet unit. A fully-fitted large kitchen including a refrigerator and gas burner. The large salon with indoor helm is tastefully decorated, with sofas on either side.

The stern houses the second bedroom with a double bed, a shower and a toilet. The after-deck has a fixed edge with a railing. Here you will find the second helm and two fixed seating areas.


Length 10,50 m
Breadth 3,70 m
Draught 1,05 m
Airdraft 2,40 m
Standing height 1,95 m
Engine (65 HP) 4 cyl. diesel
Gas mileage 3,0 l p/h
Fuel 300 l
Water 400 l
Dirty watertank 120 l
Power 12v + 220V
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